Fashionable jackets for teens – demi youth jackets 2014

Jackets for teenagers – an essential piece in any season. This year, this top layer is particularly relevant for the younger generation. It is important to remember that an ideal model should be practical, comfortable and beautiful.

Adolescence is difficult enough, as the guys starts personality and you receive your own taste, which does not always coincide with the preferences of parents. Therefore, to choose clothes for your child is difficult.

Teen jackets

In 2014, the designers offer a variety of models of jackets for teenagers :

1. Demi – the most common model. They are universal because they can be used and in autumn and winter. This is a special lining, which in warm weather unfasten.

2. Alaska – a model that provides maximum comfort. Inside there is a detachable fur lining, and the area of the collar – deep hood ribbons. A great option for winter.

3. Bubbles – this type is characterized by an optimal combination of price and quality. Inside – a layer of natural fluff or padding, which ensures good thermal insulation. Easy, comfortable jacket is not inhibiting movement of a teenager, and it can be worn for a very long time.

4. Denim – great for cool summer evenings. Jeans decorated with bright stripes, accents of contrasting fabric and rhinestones. Such a thing can be worn with a t-shirt, romantic light dress and a thin pullover.

Fashion trends 2014 variety, so you can easily find your child a suitable option.

How to choose teenage jacket

Choosing youth jackets for teenagers, you should consider several important criteria. First of all, it’s natural. It is desirable that the thing was hypoallergenic and does not contain irritating elements. In addition, it should be long enough and warm. As a rule, teenagers choose vibrant sports jacket, which distinguish them from the crowd. The task of parents to ensure their functionality: moisture resistance, ease, convenience.

Still relevant jackets-transformers, which are often bilateral. Models for girls combined with different choice sets, among which may be simple things. Their versatility allows you to wear them on walks, and in school. For boys pick up the model, not the brand colors and with lots of zippers, pockets where you can put different things.

Leather jacket

Stylish youth jacket – made of leather. They allow you to dress your child in style, fashionable and practical for the whole of the autumn and spring period. And in winter you can choose the option with a warm liner. This year many collections include leather goods. Many of them are made in a casual style that allows you to select from the crowd, but still be practical. Some models due to the rivets and buckles remind outfits bikers. Almost all of these jackets for teenagers short, emphasize the waist.

Popular and more feminine clothes for girls – they are similar to the Bolero, and the sleeves have extra long. It is important that the upper leather was bright, and even better, if one model combines several colors, each of which is smoothly into another. Fashionable this season are extra long leather jackets.

Great choice of accommodation options with a bright color palette, elegant cut it possible to make a jacket is indispensable regardless of the time of year. There are models with fur hood. Therefore, this outerwear is versatile and stylish.

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