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Chinese clothing for dogs (from China). Wholesale and Retail

Fashion for four-legged friends were born in the beginning of the last century. In most major cities of the world have shops of fashionable clothes for Pets. There you could buy accessories. First, clothes and toys for their Pets bought only members of the nobility, a little later – politicians, stars and celebrities. For example, at the court of Queen Victoria served as special stylist for dogs. Animals lived luxuriously: slept on silk cots, wore bows and stoles. It was just one century and fashionable dogs began to meet everywhere. They are the ornament of the metropolis and give the city streets of romantic charm.


Today in the creation and sales of clothing and accessories for animals there is a serious competition. Many companies are well established in the market as a provider of clothing for dogs. Also represented Chinese clothing for dogs. This product is offered to dog owners on the most favorable terms. We can say that the market is filled.

The distinctive features of dog clothes from China:

high quality

stylish appearance


Closet dogs can be from a variety of clothing items. On the market of Chinese clothing presents:





jackets and other items

Comes dog clothes wholesale. China has completely saturated the market and satisfy the demand for this type of product.


Coats and raincoats above all appreciated by owners of dogs with long hair. If dogs light fluffy coat, it is extremely important to have for walking waterproof clothing. Then it is not necessary to bathe your dog after a walk and then carefully comb. Light summer suits for hairless dogs are designed primarily to protect the animal from hematophagous insects, thorns, seeds of plants, which tend to cling to the dog. Tiny dogs, especially short-haired suffer greatly from winter frosts. Better when clothes for dogs warm and easy.

Stylish clothing should be not only fashionable and beautiful but also comfortable. Currently often made fashion week for four-legged friends. Collection of outfits for dogs often resemble collections for their owners. Special chic, and if the hostess, and her dog defile in the same outfits. Dog fashion has turned into an exciting game. And this is acceptable, if not tiring the dog and carries a practical sense.

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