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The most beautiful wedding dress from Riki Dalal

What girl does not dream to find the most beautiful wedding dress? Now a huge number of brands develop this line of clothing. Each year the requirements of fashionistas are becoming more and more inflated, thereby providing an incentive eminent designers more carefully work on each element of the collection being created wedding gowns.

Of course, the idea of the perfect dress is every girl their, each of us like a certain style. However, in the world of fashion is always clearly the main trend of the season. Many of the Fashion House refuse conservative lush skirts, preferring fitted and slim silhouette.

The recently introduced collection of wedding dresses from Israilova brand Riki Dalal without a doubt will be the opening of the year. The dresses of this collection are dazzling.

Despite the simple idea of these dresses is simply impossible to look away.

Fashion model wedding dresses

All dresses can be divided into two categories: open top with sleeves.

Do not be afraid variant with sleeves new models from Riki Dalal radically different from the prevailing stereotypes lush sleeveless-lanterns. All models are made so delicate that even the longest and surround the sleeve looks very feminine and that much important, stylish and modern. This effect designers were able to achieve by using gorgeous lace and expensive light fabrics. Even the closed model dress looks incredibly sophisticated and elegant.

The most beautiful wedding gown with sleeves

The second category dresses – with an open neckline. Especially not to mention the corset made of thick gold fabric. Such wedding dresses undoubtedly are opening this year. In combination with luxurious top is simple but elegant skirt. Flowing fabric, white finish some elements of the dress, rhinestones and crystals is a distinctive feature of the entire collection Riki Dalal.

Almost all dresses are presented with direct or tight bottom. Of course, there are also more traditional models, but the designers even in this case, the call to abandon lush rings on a wedding dress. Simplicity, naturalness and elegance – that’s what the focus of the young couturier.

In this collection the brand presents practically all styles of wedding dresses that we are accustomed to see it and the Greek dress,-fish, dress, Empire dress with peplum and so on, But the elegance of the performance to every detail makes this dress special. If you are looking for the most beautiful wedding dress, then pay attention to this collection. Certainly, in this article you will find some ideas for your image.

The most beautiful wedding dress in Greek style

The most beautiful wedding dress : tight skirt

The most beautiful wedding gown with full skirt

The most beautiful wedding gown with a layered skirt and peplum