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The clothing styles of adolescents

When choosing clothes teenagers mainly focus on the approval of friends, besides trying to meet certain requirements of the modern trends of teenage fashion, and, of course, through the clothes tend to self-expression.

Often the clothing style of a teenager can relate to his views on life, way of life and have goals in it. The teenagers decided to form interest groups, and these groups peculiar to their own style of clothing. Such groups, with their own styles, a lot. Consider the three most popular among today’s youth.

Adolescence does not tolerate standards and does not recognize boundaries, teenagers would do anything to not get lost in the gray crowd, and the bright reflection of this can be seen in teenage style trash. Trash is a kind of irony over the world with its standards. Teenagers put things in modern society (at least in older his generation) is considered unacceptable, wrong, inappropriate and vulgar.

Another youth subculture – hipsters attracts teenagers who love aimlessly spending time and prefer bright things. Teenagers who wear this style, try to emulate street fashion major European cities. Their clothing is extremely vibrant colors – bright sneakers, very tight jeans or bright leggings, t-shirts with the image of rock bands and checked shirt, big glasses with colored frames. The main thing for them is to be in the top, so – trendy, with any special views and concepts are missing.

Dress code Kawaii is now considered as the most fashionable. To translate this word as charming, cute, soft and fluffy. Dress code Kawaii traditionally more characteristic of girls. Wishing to emphasize their individuality and difference from others, they feel more relaxed, choosing clothes.

The feature of this style lies in the inability of the replication service. It must be so personalized that no single image could not be repeated. You can create your unique. In order to look Kawaii, it is difficult to do without a sewing machine, shop second hand, or Atelier, where clothes can make on their own designs. Perfect for this style and unusual clothes from expensive stores.

Striking examples of the style Kawaii: long bright sweater stretched over trousers, a pair of sneakers, some of which is purple and the other blue, short skirt with petticoat in combination with the Lacy panties to her knees. Gloves, cuffs and other details can also be in lace. Clothing should be combined neutral and bright colors. Each nail painted a different bright colors, and  must be in the case of the animal. We also welcome other bright accessories and icons.

In fact, this style of clothing is a kind of art to remain a child, he encourages the pursuit of infantilism and unwillingness to become an adult. Adolescents in this direction are addicted to comics hentai about the adventures of various Kawalsky beings.

These three bright clothing style is currently the most popular, although the beauty of teenage fashion in its diversity.

Youth clothing styles come from different countries. Clothes from Korea, America, European countries and, of course, from Japan, where there are many teenage styles (Fruits, Androgin, Kavaii, Cosplay, Lolita), have the taste and Russian students. Currently, the process of dissemination fashion trends teen clothing greatly helps the Internet.