The origin of the jackets in Russia
In modern, hurrying world one of the most popular types of clothing are jackets. The jacket is comfortable, not expensive, this jacket is easy to move around in close transport…

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Clothing in China today
With the rise of living standards of the Chinese requirements with respect to clothing becoming higher and higher. That is why the country's garment industry is beginning to shift from…

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Children’s clothing for kids from Italy – to buy in the shop Bimbomoda – Kiev, Lviv

Clothes for kids – better less, but better

Although usually baby clothes for the little ones stands out in the category “from birth to two years”, everyone understands that one thing – things for a newborn baby, and quite another closet polutoraletnego restless. Although the main requirements to clothes for kids – safety and quality remain unchanged, the selection of things for such a short period is changing dramatically. Not aspete you know, the sliders will change the pants, skirts and suits. And a considerable number of summer and spring clothes for the baby will remain unused. If you are an experienced mom, you already know how much you will need newborn, but if you first, then you may repeat common mistakes youngmoms and dads:

buy it all and more – vests, caps, carapook, etc.Very soon find out that vests forever zadiraka, caps need only in cold weather, and corapci not needed at all – quite often to cut the child fingernails and do not disturb to develop fine motor skills of the fingers. The most used clothing for baby under one year will be bodysuits, which is also called “little people”. And in the cold season will only need a good winter suit.

to choose things brighter and more beautifully with lace and bows, “fun” colors. They are so pleasing to the parent’s eyes. But notice, clothes for kids from leading European brands such as Happy Puppy, Bagigi, Disney, Pastello Bebe, Gary is almost never too bright. Often these things are white, pink or very light blue. Because too bright dyes – as a rule, chemical, unsafe. And a variety of finishing the baby only and prevents rubbing. And here are the top baby clothes baby who confidently runs, it may be brighter red, for example, or another color, visible from afar. Black color is suitable for pants, in which a child walks in bad weather.

More and more parents buy clothes for their kids in online shops, and it is quite justified. After all, you still will not bear baby on the fitting, and in the online shop and the prices are lower, and precious time is saved. And in order to choose a really high quality item, it is enough to focus on the manufacturer and customer reviews. In our store you cheap can buy clothes for your baby, made in Italy is known worldwide companies Babyboop, WLBY Kids, Renato Balestra and others, which we will promptly deliver to you in Kiev, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine.