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The origin of the jackets in Russia

In modern, hurrying world one of the most popular types of clothing are jackets.

The jacket is comfortable, not expensive, this jacket is easy to move around in close transport and walk with your child.

Jackets are both very young children and adults. However, we rarely think about how, when it was invented, this convenient and popular clothing.

We offer You to digress a bit and tell You about where and when she came to us jacket . Experts who study the origin of words, believe that the word of the jacket of their non-Russian origin. Its in pre-Petrine times until it was developed contacts with Europe, we don’t have because our ancestors no jackets did not know and were not.

They went then in the long (long) clothing — caftans, asiamah, ohanah.

One of the foreign ambassadors, visited Russia in the XVI century. wrote:

“The Russians’re very short Italian, French, Spanish and German clothes, because it leaves open those parts of the body that should be hidden.

They follow the custom of the East, dressed to the gravity in two or three dresses almost to toe”.

Short service-jackets – Russians are beginning to wear from the second half of the XVII century and the mods used them before, for example, in the XVI century

Already existed and the original names short service.

However, the influence of Western fashion, increased from the mid-seventeenth century had an impact here. New types of short service and corresponding names.

Original name short service – desagree, bib, vest – treated,

mainly to indoor clothing without sleeves. Short output (for the street) clothes with sleeves came from the West

new items, among which in the seventeenth century

spread the word with the root Kurt: German short (i.e. foreign) dress. Sewed his first foreign tailors, mainly the French; they

called it his own. French jacket at all” called “West” (veste), and “short jacket” — “West Kurt” (veste courte); the word “Kurt” means short.

Here is this; the French adjective “Kurt”, hearing it from tailors-French, and created our great-grandfathers many years ago Russian noun ” Jacket “,

putting Russian, the usual ending, and short dresses was called Kurt – 1615 jacket – 1648 kurdiska – 1671

Kurt is a borrowing from Latin through the Polish medium.

Output short dress at that time, when the first mention of the village – jackets, it was still forbidden by morality or social norms of the era, but has already appeared in the Royal household.

Children of Tsar Mikhail Alexei and Ivan and the waiter was dressed in a new fashion-in short embroidered jackets.

On Russian soil from Kurt was formed jacket,

almost immediately lost diminutive shade, so soon you receive the secondary diminutive word kurdiska.

Now in the Northern villages often say Kurt than the jacket.

Thus, the process of selecting the most appropriate designation for

a short upper garment, which began in the old Russian period, ends with “victory” words vest for clothes sleeveless jacket – for clothes with sleeves.

The rest mentioned here words go into passive margin of the tongue or stored only in local dialects.

So, our familiar and favorite clothes-jacket-came to us from Europe, and the model was taken from the German, and the name is French. At the beginning of the jacket worn,

as you can see from the history, only the Royal children. Then the convenience of this service was appreciated by the wider population. By the nineteenth century, the jackets have already been distributed among the workers and peasants. In jackets dressed soldiers, students and Studenov.


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