Men's jackets wholesale in Ukraine. Buy Coats and jackets (winter, spring, spring and autumn)
Men's jacket - large selection of fashionable assortment One of the main subjects in every man's wardrobe is a jacket. Of course, it is difficult to imagine the wardrobe of…

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Chinese clothing for dogs (from China). Wholesale and Retail
Fashion for four-legged friends were born in the beginning of the last century. In most major cities of the world have shops of fashionable clothes for Pets. There you could…

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CU style clothes of the BIG SIZES, production and sale

About company

The company “Style CU” successfully works in the Russian market for 16 years and is one of the leading manufacturers of women’s clothing big sizes.

During its existence, our company constantly participates in various exhibitions, shows and has been awarded prizes and diplomas for high quality products and designs.

We love and appreciate our beautiful women, offering the widest range of products of the company LLC “Style CR”.

Style CU – a Style of Beauty and Luxury, this style is for those who love to dress tastefully and not to indulge in it. The collection company always reflect trends in the fashion world and are created for women, keeping up with the times.

We produce and sell wholesale women’s clothing big sizes from 42 European (48 Russian) size to 62 European (68 Russian) inclusive and use to produce only the highest quality fabrics and fittings of foreign manufacture.

Women’s clothes of the big sizes implies a certain specificity. Highly qualified team of company “Style CU”, doing everything to ensure that You, our clothes, felt confidence. Special attention is paid to the product fits on the figure. Our clothing adorns, not hides, with an emphasis on the virtues of the full figure.

We love and appreciate our customers, offering the widest range of products. Twice a year we offer our customers new collection “Spring – Summer”,”Autumn – Winter”, as well as exclusive models to the new year holidays. All collections reflect seasonal trends, which, undoubtedly, will appeal to the most demanding audience. Skirts, pants, capris, blouses, suits, vests, jackets, coats, jackets, raincoats large sizes. All this You can find in our collections.

Twice a year the company OOO “Style CU participates in the international trade fair “Textillegprom” at the exhibition centre, which introduces new seasonal collections. Directly at the stand of company “Style CU four times a day parades new collection. On the podium the latest collection represent models with different types and shapes, each of which dressed in the Style of the KR” looks Luxurious and Stylish! You can verify this personally, having visited our stands.

Focusing on high quality products, we do everything we can to ensure that our products are much better brands!

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