Children's clothing for kids from Italy - to buy in the shop Bimbomoda - Kiev, Lviv
Clothes for kids - better less, but better Although usually baby clothes for the little ones stands out in the category "from birth to two years", everyone understands that one…

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Presentation on the theme: Fashion from different eras in the UK
Description of slide: Change ladies ' dresses in the UK in different periods of time Reshetova Polina Sergeevna.Chelyabinsk, MOU Lyceum №102, class Nauchnye leaders: there Yu Century Description of slide:…

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What dresses are in fashion in 2014 Women’s the Empire

Dress – this is an important item of women’s wardrobe. This outfit allows women to open up and Express themselves with the most attractive side. Different models of dresses can make every girl like a Princess, to show her femininity and elegance. The design world has prepared a variety of novelties and surprises that will help you to become much brighter and more attractive.

Most trend-following models are considered dress with the simple cut. The perfect combination of beauty and comfort perfectly embodies modern influence such aspects as natural. In modern models felt the incredible influence of the old retro style, which increasingly holds leadership positions in many directions. What trend has quite a special character. Quite often on the fashion shows we have the opportunity to enjoy not just models with elements of antiquity, and indeed history, far past fashion.

The most actively developing trends can be attributed luxury. Chic ball gown, embroidered with stones corsets, expensive jewelry, everything returned to its former glory. Fans of the great wealth this time were such well-known creators of fashion as Badgley Mishka, Christian Dior and Versache. They were pleased fashionistas models have similarities with a charming outfits princesses.

Such famous brands as Fendi and Christian Dior, decided to approach the issue from a completely different perspective. They made the unusual bias towards asymmetry. Among the most successful works it is worth noting dresses with one strap. Such a beautiful part of the body as a blade provided to the public. The variety is so great that you can easily find cocktail variant and variant for each day.

If the conduct analytical statistics the most in-demand will remain black, white and beige. This is a classic, which for many years confidently takes the top ratings. Decent competition and to this day nobody is unable to provide. Following the favorites actively recruiting turns blue and all existing shades. It should also be noted orange and yellow, red and purple. All of a sudden especially relevant was the Golden color. Welcome a variety of combinations and tone. Prints in the form of flowers and stripes for the second year do not leave the top of the podium. The variety is so great that even the most capricious lady will be able to choose for themselves perfect.