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Fashionable jackets for teens - demi youth jackets 2014
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Buy wholesale women’s jackets in Kiev, price

Jacket Ladies’ Sport Shell 5000 Jacket R-520F-0

For the female wardrobe meets the needs of its owner, it must consist of clothes for work, sports and recreation, including sports clothing. “T-the company provides customers high-quality women’s winter sports and winter jackets from leading manufacturers Fruit of the Loom and Russell.

Women’s jackets from TM Russell

The slogan “everything everywhere”, available in women’s hammers from the American brand Russell, exactly characterizes all the company’s products. High quality materials, sewing / tailoring and comfortable design advantages of each item from this manufacturer.

Fall and spring jackets for women TM Russell manufactured using the latest technology, providing weightless, soft and high heat capacity of the products. Special impregnation of the outer membrane fabric provides wind and water resistant properties of clothing and absolute comfort in the cool season. The inner lining women’s fall jackets keeps you warm and wicks away excess moisture from the body, preventing overheating during sports and outdoor activities.

Each model is winter and off-season clothing TM Russell carefully thought out and designed to the smallest detail. Sleeves have a special interlocking, and the locks have straps that protect the product from rain and wind. The bottom of the jacket is governed by elastic bands, straps, etc.

One of the novelties of the company Russell are jackets for women from the fashion line Softshell positioned as jackets for all weather conditions.

Women’s jackets from TM Fruit of the Loom

The production of women’s demi-season jacket-hoodie – one of the core areas of Fruit of the Loom. And if Russell brand in its production adheres to the sports style, the Fruit of the Loom offers a more versatile autumn jackets for women, suitable for both work and sports and recreation. Fitted feminine silhouette gives products of elegance and elegance but also emphasizes the individuality and feminine image of its owner.

On t-company you can choose to buy women’s jackets wholesale in Kiev from trademark Fruit of the Loom and Russell. We offer our customers convenient service, a wide range of products and the best prices!

The origin of the jackets in Russia
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