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Bigrey jeans wholesale from. To buy jeans wholesale. Men’s and women’s jeans in Moscow. Jeans wholesale from

Welcome to the company BIGREY .

Denim company BIGREY opened a representative office in Moscow.

We are very pleased that we can now provide You with the opportunity to learn about our collection of product and help You purchase it without leaving the territory of our country.

The main activity of our company is wholesale jeans (made in Turkey).

The company BIGREY is a Turkish manufacturer of denim garments . and for 25 years represented in this market.

We differ

rich production experience

the use of high quality materials

modern design

and today, our brand has become one of the most popular in its segment denim brand.

Wholesale clothing from Turkey.

Jeans wholesale from a warehouse in Moscow

We offer fashionable jeans by the gross Moscow . Turkish jeans were valued even in Soviet times. And today, products made in Turkey, high quality and low price.

Buying jeans cheap wholesale from a warehouse in Moscow directly from the manufacturer, allows you to make your business more efficient. There is no need to go to the factories and waste time when the manufacturer has done to you step closer, opening wholesale sales point in Moscow. Moreover, today, time is money especially important.

Jeans wholesale Turkish

Our range

We offer a wide and qualitative range of denim garment production in Turkey.

Our collection include many models

men’s and women’s jeans




down jackets




The target audience is customers who follow the fashion, but don’t want to stand out from the crowd. That is why our audience is not limited to young people, but due to the wide range that includes people in the middle age categories.

Our collections contain more than 700 products, which meet all the latest fashion trends and is able to satisfy all needs of customers, with full size range, rich in model palette and original design solutions.

To buy jeans wholesale


Our company sells jeans wholesale at the best possible prices for You. Buy jeans, You can: from 790 to 980 rubles rubles per unit.

This is a great suggestion in relation PRICE-QUALITY.

We offer the best ratio of price and quality denim clothing wholesale from the manufacturer.


Jeans have become a really international clothing. Traditional American suppliers of denim gradually replacing Turkish jeans. Men’s jeans . women’s jeans . production in Turkey occupy the positions popular American brands. The company Bigrey organizes official delivery of jeans from Turkey to Russia, ensuring a complete package of documents and customs clearance. So our partners we can offer the most favorable conditions for cooperation:

delivery from the manufacturer

low prices

high quality

a wide range of

also for sale presents jeans big sizes

along with the standard wholesale discounts “Bigra” provides an individual approach to each customer.

The company “Bigrey” offers its customers to buy goods at competitive prices.

Denim clothing must be different

high quality, proven hygienic certificates

in addition, the jeans should be strong

comfortable to wear

and jeans models – vivid and memorable, which is also important for the mods

All these parameters are taken into account in the organization of deliveries of goods from Turkey. Currently, the company is ready to offer its clients a large selection of goods. Also currently we offer clients to make wholesale purchases of women’s and men’s jeans, jackets, trousers, shirts summer range.

Wholesale clothing from Turkey

We invite You to long-term cooperation.

Visit our showroom to view our collections. We will offer You the most competitive price. Arrange delivery to any region. Discuss all Your suggestions and wishes.

The products manufactured by us will help Your company to increase the number of loyal customers due to the quality of our product, and increase Your income at the expense of our prices.

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