Fashion jacket outerwear for women to buy in online store Ukraine
Jacket down jacket women Mishele - Mishele 9508 Payment terms: cash on delivery. Cashless settlement. Prepayment Clothing size: 46 - 54 Panamera! The pattern is super! PRICE wholesale: ask our…

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Men's jackets wholesale in Ukraine. Buy Coats and jackets (winter, spring, spring and autumn)
Men's jacket - large selection of fashionable assortment One of the main subjects in every man's wardrobe is a jacket. Of course, it is difficult to imagine the wardrobe of…

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Fashion clothes in Vladivostok – women’s clothing wholesale from the manufacturer. Franchise women’s clothing

Seaside fashion European style!

Vladivostok is a recognized center of the far Eastern region. In addition to considerable population, developed industry and the natural beauty of this region is known for its unique seaside flavor. The natural beauty of Vladivostok well known to the inhabitants of Russia and thousands who want to enjoy this wonderful city every year come to this protected Primorsky Krai.

Quite natural that women are so beautiful places not know what beauty is and how you need to dress to the beauty to emphasize and grow. Fashionable women’s clothing in Vladivostok is a whole industry and a very saturated market with its laws and conditions.

Fashion house “ANO” is pleased to present to the attention of the residents of Vladivostok and owners of retail chains in the city its collection of fashionable clothing. Want to buy wholesale women’s clothing from the manufacturer in Vladivostok and Primorsky Krai can contact managers “ANO” to negotiate bulk purchases.

Women’s fashion clothing “ANO” is a European style with a pronounced Italian specifics. Why designers “ANO” chosen for their works of Italian style?

The answer to this question is obvious: because Italy is a leader in the modern world of fashion. It is in Italy attracts buyers in the days of world famous fashion week. It is an Italian fashion designers establish rules in modern fashion community. Their names amaze us with its brilliance, when we find ourselves in expensive and high-class fashion stores. That Italian designers are among the most commercially successful people in the world.

The designers of the fashion house “ANO” to draw inspiration from the Italian fashion of the twentieth century, adapting her lungs and a few playful manifestations to the modern reality. Palette presents, mostly shades of black and white, but sometimes designers add a bright element to give the product individuality and expressiveness.

You can buy women’s clothing wholesale from the manufacturer, if you decided to collaborate with the fashion house “ANO”. The fashion house is interested in working together with owners of large retail chains and want to open or qualitatively to develop their business in the field of fashionable clothes. For such clients have the opportunity to contact us directly to discuss all the issues and conditions of cooperation with our managers. Fashionable women’s clothing – now and in Vladivostok!