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Practical and comfortable trousers for expectant mothers, which can easily be sewn with your own hands

This page contains a detailed description of the manufacturing process of pants for pregnant women with their hands.

At the end of the article You will find patterns for sizes S, M, L, XL, which can be downloaded to your computer and print.

For the manufacture of trousers You will need: elastic fabric (e.g., spandex), rope, 2 limiter on the ends of the rope.

Attention! Fabric consumption varies depending on the size of the clothes. First of all, print out the pattern and put them on the width of the fabric to see how much fabric you need.

When sewing press note on tagging pattern – they should be the same.

Cutting fabric:

1. Pocket – 2 items

2. Before press– 2 items

3. Back press– 2 items

4. The belt front part – 2 items

5. The belt is the wrong part – 2 items

6. Pocket (interior) – 2 items


1. To strengthen the front part of the belt, pockets, back part of the belt, as well as the area around the hole for the cord in the center of the front of the waistband.

2. Place the pocket on the front of the pants, face to face, aligning the raw edges of the pocket (input). Make a stitch along the entrance to the pocket. Baste allowances, remove the pocket on the wrong side, athlete. Sew the edge of the pocket. Align the two parts of the pocket, pin and sew the pocket. Baste or immediately Topstitch along the top edge and side edge (pocket area) pants.

3. Sew side seams. Athlete allowances towards the back.

4. Keen pants in the crotch area. Keen inseam of the pants. Upadte the crotch seam allowances towards the back. Sew the crotch seam, then make another stitch next to the first, to strengthen the seam.

5.Mark the location of the hinges on the front part of the belt in accordance with the pattern. Handle holes on the front of the waistband.

6. Sew side seams, belt – the front part and back part to get 2 rings of outer and inner fabric. Athlete allowances open. Sew the front part of the belt to the edge of the Trouser waist, athlete allowances towards the belt.

7. Baste the bottom edge of the reverse side of the belt. To do this, place the inside part of the belt to the front of the belt, face-to-face and stitch together at the top. Then expand the waistband and sew it in the waist of the pants.

8. Athlete allowances bottom press to wrong side and Topstitch them.

9. Insert the rope and pull her ends through the loop. Put the stoppers on the ends of the rope.

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